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Best Locations for a Florida Destination Wedding

December 22, 2022

An annual retreat for millions of people, Florida is known for its white sand beaches, family-friendly amusement parks, vibrant towns, exotic wildlife, and scenic landscapes. And just as the Sunshine State has so much to offer tourists, it has just as much to offer engaged couples who are trying to plan their ideal destination wedding in Florida. 

Knowing where to start your wedding venue search might be difficult because there are so many must-see cities and towns— Boca Raton, Orlando, Palm Beach, and the Florida Keys, to name a few.

That’s what I’m here for! I’ve put together this list of some of my favorite Florida wedding locations, from the coast to Central Florida and beyond, to assist you in beginning the wedding planning process. If you know me, you know I love garden weddings and the ample foliage you can find so easily in Florida, so I will be including much of that. And of course, I’ll be including some beach locations too, that’s a given. 

Finding the Perfect Destination Location

Locking down the date should be the first step in planning your wedding. Make sure you take a peek at my blog The Best Month for a Florida Wedding so you know when is ideal for you. Deciding where is the very next step. 

Here are some things to keep in mind as you look through my list of locations and find somewhere in Florida to hold your destination wedding. 

  • Romantic views – Finding a place with stunning views and scenery will make beautiful backdrops for your wedding photos. 
  • Easily accessible – Make sure everyone you want to be there can be there. If you want your Grandpa to make it, maybe hiking to an inaccessible beach isn’t the best option. 
  • Restrictions – You might need a permit. Many state parks, national parks, and beaches require permits or fees for holding an event such as a wedding.
  • Personal ties – Maybe there is somewhere that holds sentimental value to you, like a certain park or city. Think of what places may hold precious childhood memories or family connections. 
  • Represent you – Your wedding ceremony is for you, not your guests. It should represent what you and your partner enjoy, and reflect who you are as a couple. 

Without further ado, let’s get to it! Here are my favorite places to hold a destination wedding in Florida!

The Florida Keys

Full of stunning sunsets, beautiful foliage, endless seas, and panoramic views, the Florida Keys are possibly the most popular destination wedding location. The Keys are great if you’re looking for a relaxed, laid-back island feel, as the vibe there is definitely easygoing and informal. 

Florida Keys | Brit Rader Photography

The Keys are full of romantic locations that are perfect for photos. And of course, the infamous Key West sunsets make the perfect backdrop for your wedding vows and images. You’ll also find there are lots of fun street art and museums to enjoy before and after the ceremony. 

Getting Specific:

St. Augustine

St. Augustine | Brit Rader Photography

Known as the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine is home to sweeping views of the Atlantic and dozens of historical sites. It’s won the hearts of locals and destination couples alike due to its charming Old World romance, gracious Southern hospitality, and an abundance of things to see and do before and after a wedding celebration. It’s the perfect place to host a stunning destination wedding!

Getting Specific:


Orlando | Brit Rader Photography

Orlando isn’t just one of the highest-ranked tourist destinations in the US, it’s also an amazing destination for weddings, elopements, honeymoons, and more! The city boasts hundreds of hotels, an incredible variety of venues, and tons of theme parks to enjoy. A city rich with culture and tradition, you simply can’t go wrong with going to Orlando for your destination wedding. 

Getting Specific: 

Tampa Bay

If you’re looking for a memorable wedding experience, this city on the water should be up on your list. Couples who get married in this city will cherish their memories for the rest of their lives thanks to the vast ocean views, white sand beaches, and breathtaking sunsets. 

Tampa Bay | Brit Rader Photography

This city is well known for its destination beach weddings, but it also features a variety of equally unique settings such as historic homes, country clubs, and parks. In addition, Tampa Bay is full of historic architecture and a vibrant downtown area. 

If you’re looking for an inclusive wedding venue in Florida, the Tampa Bay region offers many LGBTQ+ friendly venues, including many in the Clearwater and St. Petersburg areas. 

Getting Specific:


Getting married in the Everglades? You might be thinking that sounds ridiculous! The Everglades is a thick jungle swamp known for its extraordinary wildlife, including crocodiles. It’s a nature lovers’ paradise with a hokey tourist reputation. 

Everglades national park | Brit Rader Photography

However, it’s also a stunning wedding destination! Full of beauty and charm, the Everglades has much to offer. Not only is it full of breathtaking scenery and wildlife, but sunset sailing, airboat rides, and nature trails make it a wild destination for the adventurous couple. The quiet rivers and the nearby Gulf of Mexico offer romantic scenery. Pro tip: definitely avoid the summer months (April – November) here. 

Plan Your Destination Wedding in Florida

Whether you’re dreaming of that perfect sunset wedding on the beach or lush landscapes and foliage for your venue, Florida has it all! 

If you’re planning a destination wedding and looking for a photographer to capture every special moment, reach out to me for a free consultation! Also, make sure you check out more on my blog for information and tips on Florida weddings and wedding photography.

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