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Kauai, Hawaii Vacation | Part 2

March 20, 2020

Sea Glass Beach, Best Hot Dogs in the World, Hiking, and a Four Leaf Clover

THEY MADE IT!! After some travel roadblocks, everyone was finally on the island and ready to have fun. (My bestie and her family had some setbacks that delayed their arrival. If you missed days 1 and 2 of our vacation, you can view that here.)


Glass Beach

Day three we took a little drive, and even the scenery from the back seat of the rental Jeep was aw inspiring! We drove to a place called Glass Beach, an old industrial part of the island where the beach is literally made up of sea glass instead of regular sand.  The only time we made it to a beach. It was fun to explore and hike around to the different terrains.


My best friend Emily Fred and her mom, aunt, and Oma looking very islandy in front of our air bnb in Kauai Hawaii

I love these amazing ladies!

right is Brittany posing with her camera with the rocks and waves in the background from Kauai Hawaii, right scenic overlook of mountains

Brittany and Fred with the beautiful Kauai Hawaii scenery in the background

The Jeep Wrangler we rented for the vacation, and Brittany posing in tall grass with the sea in the background on Kauai Hawaii

scenery on a drive in Kauai Hawaii

left, John standing in tall grass with the rocks and waves rolling in on the coastline of Kauai Hawaii, right is scenery of the rocks along the coastline

beautiful sea shore in Kauai Hawaii with rocks and waves rolling in

Fred looking closely at the glass sand from Glass Beach in Kauai Hawaii, and a picture of the waves coming in hitting the rocks

friends exploring the beach in Kauai Hawaii

John taking a picture of the scenery in Kauai Hawaii

Fred looking back, holding her phone, with the beach behind her and a chicken walking nearby on Kauai Hawaii

scenery along a drive in Kauai Hawaii

a chicken walking on the beach, and Brittany holding some of the glass sand from Glass Beach in Kauai Hawaii

John taking a picture of something among the rocks on the shore line, and a chicken walking nearby on the beach

Our friend standing on a cliff overlooking the beach on the coast of Kauai Hawaii

Brittany posing along the coast of Kauai Hawaii with tall grass and the waves of the sea in the background, and a chicken walking nearby on the beach

Fred hiking with a walking stick back up the cliff with the beach behind her, and scenery of a rock formation on the beach in Kauai Hawaii

Top, scenery we came across on our drive overlooking a valley, bottom a selfie of Brittany with the scene in the background, middle John and Brittany enjoying our first Puka Dogs of the trip, right a picture of John with the scenery in the background

Puka Dogs

On our way back we stopped in Poipu Shopping Village for some food, where we discovered Puka Dogs. OH EM GEE! They even had a veggie dog! It’s a “Hawaiian Style Hot Dog”, aka the best hot dogs on the planet! I’m not sure I can describe them well enough to do them justice, so I won’t even try. But, we had Puka Dogs for like 4 different meals on this trip! We just kept going back, they were so delicious! Everyone loved them. Ok, now my mouth is watering…

Anywho, day three was also the wedding day so we headed back to the Air BNB so that the family could get ready for the wedding, and John and I got ready to go on a hiking adventure.

Hiking Adventure

Oh, yeah, we got engaged on our hiking adventure. No big deal 🙂 That story would take way too long, so you can read all about it in another post here.

John one knee proposing marriage on a ledge on the hike to Waipo'o Falls and right is a selfie of John and Brittany right after getting engaged in Kauai Hawaii

Day 4

Fast forward to Day 4, my best friend, her boyfriend, John, and I went to a town to go exploring and do some shopping. We had local coffee and bought souvenirs, including my lovely chicken hat. And I admired my new bling quite a bit <3

Admiring my new engagement ring, sporting a chicken cock hat while shopping, and a canopy of trees over the road on our drive

Day 5

Last Day

Unfortunately, the last day. We needed at least another week there! I say it’s 5 days, but really, I count it as 3 days and 2 half days, hah! It makes a big difference.  We took some pictures in the back yard together before everyone scattered to leave. They were such a great time! I love this family like they are my own and I’m so grateful they let John and I tag along on their trip!! <3

Four Leaf Clover

We had a bit of a later flight, so we were able to walk around and explore. All of us went to see the Spouting Horn blowhole on the South Shore of Kauai. We could only watch it from above, but it was a cool sight. There were some cute souvenir shops at this stop, too. And then John and I went to a botanical garden, and I was obsessed with the different plants and foliage. I even found a 4-leaf clover while we were walking around!! What! I have it framed in a glass jewelry piece now.

the whole group that traveled to Kauai Hawaii together for vacation

Here’s the whole crew!

Happy pictures of John and Brittany the next day after they were engaged in Kauai Hawaii

Pictures of Brittany and John happily in love the next day after getting engaged in Kauai Hawaii

Brittany and John posing with a statue on a bench outside of a store in a small town area of Kauai Hawaii

John taking a picture for his mom and a succulent from Kauai Hawaii

My new engagement ring on a beautiful pink and yellow Hawaii flower and some Kauai foliage

Closeup of Brittany smiling with island flower in hair, middle is Brittany doing the hang loose sign with foliage in the background, and right is a closeup of a beautiful pink and yellow Hawaii flower

left, picture of the beach with the blowhole spouting water, right, John and I with the blowhole in the background on the beach of Kauai Hawaii

scenic view of the beach on gorgeous Kauai Hawaii, and a close up of a four leaf clover Brittany found sitting on the leaf of a beautiful Hawaiian flower

flowers and foliage from scenic Kauai Hawaii

Flowers and foliage in beautiful scenic Kauai Hawaii

foliage from Kauai. Hawaii and a view of the island as we were leaving on the airplane

It was a whirlwind, soul-filling vacation and I’d go back again in a heartbeat! Completely worth the time, money, and jet lag!


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