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He Proposed! | Our Hawaii Engagement Story

March 23, 2020


One year ago today John proposed to me in Kauai, Hawaii, and we are now 82 days away from our wedding day. The moment he proposed still feels very surreal, but yet very natural… if that’s possible. I don’t know how I got so lucky that this man wants to stick by my side forever!! Even more so now that we’re getting into the stressful days of wedding planning crunch time. And with this Corona Virus Pandemic currently threatening our big day and our livelihoods, too! Nothing quite like uncertain times to make you appreciate the small things.

Hike to Waipo’o Falls

We were on vacation in Hawaii a year ago along with my best friend and her family. While they were at a family member’s wedding, John and I found a hike to explore. I’m so proud of how well he kept his cool all week, especially the entire hike up to when he got down on one knee to ask me to marry him. He didn’t give away any hints or telling signs that he was planning this!

We were on a beautiful hike to Waipo’o Falls in Kauai, Hawaii. It was a moderate 3 mile hike, with lots of shade and beautiful trees and views that we don’t get in Indiana. The weather was a little cloudy and rainy, as you’ll see in some of the pictures, but that didn’t take away from the beauty of this magical place. As we were getting closer, we’d occasionally ask other hikers returning from the waterfall if we were headed in the right direction. One woman said, “Yes, you’re close. You’ll get to a point where you feel like you’re on top of the world, then stay to the left and the waterfall is just a little farther ahead from there”.

On Top of the World

So, we kept going, and finally got to the “on top of the world” spot, it was so gorgeous! Just a big wide cliff with gorgeous views of mountains and vallies! There were a few other hikers in this general area, but I started taking pictures right away! Shortly after, most of the other hikers continued on and John and I found ourselves alone. (I don’t actually remember that part, I wasn’t paying attention to anyone else with views like that!) John said my name, so I turned around, and there he was, on one knee with the ring box in his hand.. And right there, on top of the world, he asks, “Brittany, will you marry me?”.

His nervous, yet relieved expression was so sweet, he had finally gotten to this moment he had been planning, and it was perfect. Without hesitation, and with huge smile, I said YES! He quickly slid the rings on, and we shared a long hug! Then, of course, I made him take some pictures with me 🙂

It was simple and beautiful and perfect, on top of the world. And this will forever be our story.

I really enjoy hearing proposal stories, and I’m totally in love with ours!!

left, scenic overlook on the way up to a hike starting point in Kauai, Hawaii, and right a selfie of Brittany in Hawaii before leaving for the hike wearing her Alaska snap back

Brittany on a rock with arms raised excited about the views of mountains and valleys behind her on the way to the hike to Waipo'o Falls in Kauai Hawaii

We stopped a couple times on our way to the trailhead to take in the views.

brittany posing on a rock with a valley behind her, and pretty green foliage from Kauai Hawaii

John posing with the trail sign for our hike to Waipo'o Falls, the waterfall in the middle, and Brittany posing with the hike sign on the right in Kauai Hawaii

Waterfall in the distance on a hike in Kauai Hawaii

Pretty views of trees and foliage with foggy mountains in the background on a hike to Waipo'o falls in Kauai Hawaii

scenery along the hike to Waipo'o Falls in Kauai Hawaii



John down on one knee proposing marriage to Brittany on a Hike to Waipo'o Falls in Kauai Hawaii

To be honest, this is a reenactment I convinced him to do so I could have a picture of this moment forever (above) 🙂 He’s a trooper!!

John super stoked reaching for Brittany's hand after getting engaged in Kauai Hawaii, and beautiful overlook on the hike to Waipo'o Falls

Brittany smiling close to the ledge of an overlook with beautiful mountains in the background on a hike to Waipo'o Falls where they were engaged in Kauai Hawaii

John one knee proposing marriage on a ledge on the hike to Waipo'o Falls and right is a selfie of John and Brittany right after getting engaged in Kauai Hawaii

John looking very excited and happy after he proposed and Brittany said yes on a hike to Waipo'o Falls in Kauai Hawaii

He was on an adrenaline high after he proposed! He’s not so fond of heights, but he stood on this rock (below). The big waterfall you can see from a distance in some of the above pictures is just behind where he’s standing. Later, he admitted he probably wouldn’t have normally done that. lol!

John standing on a ledge smiling at the camera overlooking beautiful mountains and valleys behind him

Brittany standing on a rock looking at the waterfall with hands in the air, and on the right Brittany standing on a rock ledge overlooking a beautiful sight of mountains and valleys after getting engaged on our hike to Waipo'o Falls in Kauai Hawaii

John and I right after we got engaged in Kauai Hawaii with a small waterfall flowing behind us

A sweet lady hiking with her family had a DSLR camera with her and offered to take this picture of us. She emailed it to us a few weeks later.  How kind!!

Waipo'o Falls small waterfall and John looking back with the waterfall in the background in Kauai Hawaii


Some views on the way back down and home. See that rainbow forming?

Winding road in the beautiful scenery of Kauai Hawaii

Scenic drive on Kauai Hawaii


AND THEN – as if I wasn’t already feeling the love. My best friend, who knew about John’s proposal plans, decorated our Air BNB bedroom. She wrote me a sweet card, had a balloon and ring garland, and champagne in the fridge for us to celebrate. I realized then that was why she let John and I take the bedroom in the basement, and her and her man took the not-so-comfy couches on the main level living room. Two amazing people I’m so grateful to have in my life!!

Room decor and champagne toast after returning from our hike where we got engaged in Hawaii Kauai

Happy pictures of John and Brittany the next day after they were engaged in Kauai Hawaii

Thanks for letting me gush!

You can see more of our Hawaii Vacation here (days 1 and 2) and here (days 3, 4, and 5).


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